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Dr. Mangesh Patil- Robotic Surgeon in Mumbai

Robotic Surgeon in Mumbai | Dr. Mangesh Patil

Robotic Surgery has been called one of the greatest advances in the war of cancer and many experts believe it is the wave of the future in medicine. By using computer-guided instruments, surgeons can be more precise in the operating room, leading to fewer complications and better cure rates for patients, particularly those with aggressive tumours. Dr. Mangesh Patil is a Robotic Surgeon in Mumbai, who holds highly credible experience in robotic surgery.

He is a skilled surgeon plus uses the technology of robotics which leads to good outcomes. Having efficient experience, he is famed for handling complicated cases with ease. He is committed to the patient and performs the entire case from the beginning to the end without technician’s intervention. In experienced hands, robotic surgery has a better cure rate and fewer complications, compared to conventional open surgery, studies have shown.

That’s because the computer-assisted technology allows doctors to be more precise in operating the affected area, while sparing surrounding nerves and other tissues, when cut or damaged, can lead to impotence, incontinence, and other complications. That in turn, reduces the risk for follow-up treatments, such as radiation, chemotherapy, or hormone treatments. Cancer patients who undergo robotic-assisted surgery have fewer cancer cells at the edge of their surgery sites, less need for additional treatments, and fewer complications than patients who have open surgery. Being a Robotic Surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Mangesh works towards achieving this for all his patients.

He also believes an experienced doctor is in the best position to advice patients about their treatment options and determine who is most likely to benefit from surgery. He says this is how robotic surgery is useful for different kinds of patients:

Young adults – Young adults and middle-aged adults are one of the most ideal candidates for this surgery. They find this surgery suitable as they have career and family responsibilities and they want to get fit as fast as they can.

Elderly patients – This procedure is very good for elderly patients, who are over 60; as they have to suffer less pain, it is better for their heart and pulmonary function, they have to stay in the hospital for a lesser time, and it is less painful.

Any patient who is severely overweight and wants to undergo a surgery for obesity.

Patients who need to get their gallbladder removed due to a disease.

Patients who need to undergo surgery of the small intestine or the large intestine, and several common colon procedures.

Patients suffering from hiatal hernia, swallowing difficulties, heartburn, and other chronic digestive problems.

Patients who need to undergo complex surgeries of the pancreas, adrenal glands, liver, and spleen.

Treating number of patients everyday and guiding their healthy routine Dr. Mangesh Patil highlights the laybacks of robotic surgery in Mumbai as follows:

The major issue related to this procedure is its cost-effectiveness. The equipment and machine used for this surgery are very costly and they also feature high maintenance.

These equipment are very bulky and sometimes it gets difficult to carry out surgeries with them.

The equipment is so big that the operation room gets very crowded and sometimes it gets difficult for the surgical team to stay in the same room.

There is a deficiency of well-matched equipment and other instruments, which increases dependence on the table-side assistants. Sometimes the assistants have to perform several parts of the operation.

Very few surgeons are available who can easily use this equipment and carry out the surgery properly.

Robotic partial nephrectomy (RPN) offers a minimally invasive procedure for kidney cancer patients. By using robotic assistance, Robotic partial nephrectomy provides unparalleled precision, a shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery times. The procedure involves making small incisions and using a robotic arm to remove only the cancerous portion of the kidney, leaving the healthy tissue intact. Patients who have undergone Robotic partial nephrectomy experience less pain, less blood loss, and scarring is minimal. In addition, the robotic system provides greater dexterity and range of motion of the instruments, enabling surgeons to perform complex surgical procedures with greater accuracy.

If you require treatment for kidney cancer, Robotic partial nephrectomy is an excellent option. It offers a minimally-invasive procedure that provides you with the best chance of a full recovery. As with any surgery, the risks and benefits must be carefully considered. Your healthcare provider will work with you to determine whether Robotic partial nephrectomy is the best treatment option for your individual needs.

Robot-assisted retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (RPLND) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, used to remove lymph nodes in patients with testicular cancer. Unlike traditional RPLND which requires a large incision in the abdomen or back, robotic RPLND uses a series of small incisions to introduce instruments and cameras into the body.

Robotic RPLND offers many advantages over traditional RPLND procedures. It provides a clearer visualization of the surgical area and allows for more precise dissection of lymph nodes with reduced blood loss and shorter recovery time. The surgery is performed with the help of a robot-controlled instrument that mimics the motions of the surgeon’s hand movements.

Patients who undergo robotic RPLND usually experience less pain and have a shorter hospital stay. They also return to their daily activities in a shorter time frame.

Overall, robotic RPLND is a safe and effective minimally invasive surgical approach for lymph node dissection surgery. It offers many

Dr. Mangesh has proven his ability in treating patients with his skills, make them feel comfortable, and forego the mental disease they have because of their ailment. His efforts and standards in the field of robotic surgery are proactive. Mumbai being the city of dreams has many patients migrating from different parts of the world seeking treatment. Robotic Surgeon in Mumbai- Dr. Mangesh Patil identifies such patients and treats them, makes them feel safer, and allows them to lead the life they dream of. The fear of surgery is not an issue anymore. The pain and recovery time is minimal. All a doctor has to do is increase the belief of survival in patients and advise the best cure, this is followed by Dr. Mangesh Patil and he will continue to do the same.

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